BLOM Golden Multi-Asset Fund
is an open-ended mutual Fund in U.S. Dollars, designed for diversification and accumulation of wealth through a balanced allocation to Gold, U.S. fixed income and U.S. equities.



BLOMINVEST Saudi Arabia launched BLOM MSCI Saudi Arabia Select Min Vol Fund, the first smart beta fund in the region (Saudi Sharia compliant equities).
BLOM Asset Management Co. launched BLOM Golden Multi-Asset Fund (Global Multi Assets).


BLOM Asset Management Co. was granted a license by the Capital Market Authority to become the first asset management company in Lebanon.


BLOMINVEST Saudi Arabia launched BLOM Saudi IPO Fund (Saudi equities).


BLOMINVEST Saudi Arabia launched Al Mazaya Saudi Arabia Fund (Saudi Sharia compliant equities).
BLOMINVEST Bank launched a Euro class for the BLOM Money Market Fund.


BLOMINVEST Saudi Arabia launched BLOM Arab Market Balanced Fund (MENA and GCC securities).
BLOMINVEST Bank launched BLOM Lira Money Market Fund.
This year also marked the start of the Discretionary Portfolio Management service.


BLOMINVEST Saudi Arabia launched BLOM Saudi Arabia Fund (Saudi Equities).


BLOMINVEST Bank launched BLOM Pyramids Balanced Fund (Egyptian securities), BLOM Money Market Fund and tranche C of BLOM Cedars Balanced Fund.


BLOMINVEST Bank launched BLOM Bond Fund (Lebanese Fixed Income denominated in USD).


BLOMINVEST Bank launched two balanced fund in the region: BLOM Cedars Balanced Fund (investing in Lebanese securities) and BLOM Petra Balanced Fund (investing in Jordanian securities).


BLOMINVEST Bank established the asset management department.