BLOM Golden Multi-Asset Fund
is an open-ended mutual Fund in U.S. Dollars, designed for diversification and accumulation of wealth through a balanced allocation to Gold, U.S. fixed income and U.S. equities.


What are the common types of Funds?

  • Open ended funds.
  • Closed end funds.
  • Exchange traded funds (ETF).

What are the common types of investment objectives of mutual funds?

  • Capital growth.
  • Income.
  • Balanced.
  • Liquidity.

What are the advantages of investing in mutual funds?

  • Funds provide investors with the professional knowledge and expertise of the manager.
  • Funds provide investors with access to financial markets.
  • Funds provide access to a diversified pool of assets, hence reducing concentration risks.
  • Funds provides economies of scales by pooling investors’ money.
  • Funds are liquid. Investors can subscribe or redeem their units on each dealing day.

What does a Fund manager do?

  • Defines the investment policy and objectives of the fund.
  • Analyzes markets, countries, sectors and companies.
  • Decides on the asset allocation.
  • Manages the investments on a day to day basis.

How do you assess a fund manager?

  • By the fund’s performance vs relevant indexes and benchmarks.
  • By the fund’s performance vs other similar funds.
  • By the historical performance of the fund.
  • By the extent to which the manager is abiding by the stated investment strategy.
  • By the extent to which the manager is reaching the stated investment objectives.

How do investors generate return through funds?

  • By the appreciation of the fund’s net asset value.
  • By periodic distributions (when applicable).

How is the Net Asset Value (price of the fund) determined?

  • By calculating the market value of the fund’s assets.
  • By adding any accrued or realizing income (realized gains upon sale of assets, interest, coupons and dividends).
  • By deducting all the fees and expenses born by the fund.
  • By dividing the total net asset value of the fund by the number of outstanding units in the fund.