Investment Solutions

BLOM Saudi Arabia Fund
is an open-ended mutual fund allowing clients to invest in the Saudi equity markets.

Portfolio Management

The discretionary mandate is an investment solution that caters to our clients’ significant level of investable assets and extensive investment experience.

  • Our discretionary mandate service is purposely designed to cater to the needs of our clients who require us to provide them with trustworthy discretionary management services by way of delegating the day-to-day management of their portfolios to highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals.
  • BLOM Asset Management Company adopts a meticulous model for managing discretionary portfolios and implements dependable strategies intrinsically designed to safeguard and grow our investors’ wealth.
  • Boasting high levels of flexibility and customization, our services are studiously conceived to aid the portfolio manager in making investment decisions that live up to the customers’ needs and preferences, all the while considering their knowledge, experience, and risk appetite.
  • We always keep our clients in the loop. As investors, they are always informed of their standing through the periodic statements and reports we issue to illustrate the current positions and the portfolio’s overall performance.